Soko for Manufacturing

We help HR teams, staffing companies, and marketplaces in Manufacturing onboard, verify, and maintain contractor compliance within the industry.

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Full compliance visibility across your contractor and vendor base

We give you a turnkey process and central dashboard to onboard and manage ongoing compliance for the industry.

Get a step ahead of misclassification lawsuits
Easily vet new contractors and vendors
Track ongoing compliance and have documents and information you need ready at any time


Protect your customers, contractors, and yourself

Our platform provides you with peace of mind and/or recommendations to get there.

Seamless integration into your current process
Keep all stakeholders in the loop
Stay up-to-date with current industry requirements


Scale quickly while maintaining compliance

Our API and self-serve dashboard makes it easy to get your contractor onboarding and compliance process up quickly without relying on multiple external services or building it yourself.

Get up-and-running faster
Cut development cost and complexity from implementing multiple tools and services
Receive real-time compliance recommendations on your process

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