Where gig workers hustlers run and grow their business.

Meet Spar, a not-so-average mobile website builder and backend studio for solopreneurs and side-hustlers to track, manage and scale their services — on their own terms.

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Launch your site and start getting booked

Setup your site in less than 5 minutes and start getting booked directly by your customers.

Manage your offerings, earnings, and documents with no weird platform fees

Create and manage your service offerings, invoice customers, track your earnings, and automate all important documents.

Own your customer community

Grow your book of business through referrals, automated engagement, and reviews.

Legitimize your business

Access business services like incorporation, business insurance, benefits, tax withholding, and banking.

Track all your hustles

Plug in all your platforms and monitor your income streams and reviews from one place.

Team up and payout seamlessly

Collaborate with partners and split profits easily.

Our Mission

There's a fundamental misconception about who independent workers are in today's economy.

They aren't just gig workers. They are business owners who are multi-talented, diversified, and aspire to achieve more through the quality of their work. And equally, they want the fruits of their labor to reflect that.

Just because they have a 1099 classification, balance multiple sources of income, and only manage themselves doesn't mean they deserve to be classified as anything less than or denied access to services as any other business would.

At Spar, we believe the future of gig work are independent businesses-of-one who manage their own clientele and can fully capitalize on the quality of service they provide. Independent workers should be able to invest their most valuable resource (time) into doing work that helps them build a portfolio of experience, a book of business, and a foundational knowledge set that they can leverage to aspire and achieve more.

Our mission is to give independent workers the tools and services they need to take their solo journey to the next level.

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